What sets us apart? The providers at East Lake Acupuncture all have advanced training and certifications above and beyond most practiioners, including advanced training in Balance Method Acupuncture, which is renowned worldwide for its fast and near miraculous results. This method is not taught in any school or program and those seeking to learn this method must travel far to train under the few living masters of this modality Drs. Kerns and Burr were both fortunate enough to train under Dr. Richard, Teh Fu Tan before his passing. He was the last of the living masters. 

About Balance Method Acupuncture - Most acupuncturists are accustomed to using many needles per treatment, in a course of 10 or more treatments, before they see results with as many as 20 treatments necessary. With Balance Method acupuncture and Master Tung’s Magic Points, patients usually see improvement after only one or two treatments and with very few needles. and fewer overall treatments are generally needed to achieve treatment goals. 

Balance Method Diagram by Alex Costa

Balance Method Acupuncture

Balance Method Acupuncture is an advanced system of Acupuncture that is over 2500 years old and is known for instant and powerful results.

This system of acupuncture is the most effective system of acupuncture for treating pain. Balance Method is not taught in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) schools. Practioners must attend training under one of the few experts for many years to become proficient, making it costly and time-consuming. However, the results are incredible and we are proud to have two Balance Method certified acupuncturists on staff.

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