Testimonials & Reviews

Ruth Ann (video)

Ruth Ann Woodrow talks about acupuncture for lymph edema, fibromyalgia and growing old

"I get acupuncture for my lymph-edema & fibromyalgia. Growing old isn't easy"

Lou (video)

Acupuncture testimonial East Lake Acupuncture

"Acupuncture for low back pain keeps me working"

Gordon (video)

East Lake Acupuncture testimonial review by Gordon Gaspard

"Acupuncture for knee & back pain keeps me golfing"

Leland (video)

Veteran Leland Miller gets acupuncture for back pain

"The VA pays for my acupuncture to ease pain from an injury sustained during active duty. Nothing else offers this much relief. My quality of life has improved"

Shalyn (video)

Shalyn Gilbert. Acupuncture for anxiety.

"Acupuncture helps me relax"