Therapy Never Looked So Good

For The Love of Cupping

Therapy Never Looked So Good

Love Fire Cupping Marks

For those of us adventurous spirits that like to put a little flair into everything we do. Now even your cupping marks can be just as gorgeous as you are!

NEW! Fire Cupping With Love Cups

Love Cups Fire Cupping Set

We are excited to add Love Cupping to the service menu

Up Your Cool Factor With Love Cups

Love Cupping Fire Cupping Performed on Woman's back

Don't let the fire scare you, this painless and surprisingly cool-to-the-touch therapy feels amazing and now, thanks to the Love Cups, looks great. Book today and rock the heart-shaped cupping marks!

Additional Information

Though Fire Cupping has been around for thousands of years, the heart-shaped "Love Cups" are new (and super cool.) They were created by California acupuncturist, Dr. Kara MoraMarco, who noticed that many of her loved posting photos of cupping marks on  their back and thought it would be a cute idea to have heart shapes instead of circles!    

Patients are often very excited about their cupping marks (I know we are) especially since gaining international attention when Olympic athletes Michael Phelps and Alex Naddour and celebrities including were photo graphic with cupping marks.

Celebrities Into Cupping (just to name a few)

  • Lady Gaga
  • Jennifer Anisston
  • Justin Bieber
  • Victoria Beckham
  • Kim Kardashian 
  • Helena Bonham Carter
  • Gwyneth Paltrow
  • Victoria Beckham 

Learn More About Cupping Therapy

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About Cupping Therapy


What is cupping therapy? Cupping therapy is a traditional Chinese medical technique of applying a glass jar is used to create a vacuum over specific points on the body. This vacuum can remain stationary over one specific point on the body or be moved from one point to another. It is a great way to treat respiratory conditions, chronic illness and muscle pain. Cupping therapy is excellent for those with asthma or more acute breathing conditions such as bronchitis. If you have muscle pain or other conditions such as frozen shoulder, inability to bend without pain or limited range of motion, a single cupping session has the power to potentially resolve those issues!

Does cupping therapy always require fire? There are a number of types of cups ranging from traditional "fire cupping" to modern bio- magnetic and silicone cups. Your therapist may use a combination of types of cups or use one particular method depending on his/her training and preference. Traditional fire cupping is the most common method due to its effectiveness.

It looks painful. Though cupping therapy generally leaves bruise-like marks, there is very little discomfort involved and most people find that it feels great! 

Are the cups hot? Will they burn me? The cups are heated very quickly and then suctioned onto the skin. Very rarely do they ever heat up enough to cause damage or pain. Cupping therapy is safe enough to perform on small children.


How long do the cups remain on? The amount of time the cups remain of will vary from treatment to treatment, but the average is 5-10 minutes, though it is not unusual for cups to remain on for as long as 30 minutes. Please be advised that more cups and longer suction times do indicate NOT a better treatment.

How long do the marks last? The length of time the marks last vary depending on the severity of your condition and your body's own healing rate. Some last minutes, hours, days and sometimes longer, but should disappear in 2-14 days on average.